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Latest news

24 Aug 2020
Walser online shop with Tecdoc and product data from the crossbase PIM system

By merging all product and Tecdoc data in the crossbase PIM system, correlations can be created automatically, which offer the customer decisive added value when selecting products.
Jasmin Kühne
Graphics / E-Media Team, WALSER GmbH
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11 Aug 2020
PB Swiss Tools launches new media service based on crossbase CMS

Via the media service, we can provide our partners and customers with documents, images and videos for any use in the best possible quality quickly and easily at any time. The extensive filter options quickly deliver the desired result. This means that the editing of external enquiries by the marketing department can be almost completely eliminated.
Dominik Pfister
Graphic designer, PB Swiss Tools AG
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3 Jun 2020
A good team: PIM and BIM at CREATON GmbH

The interaction of the crossbase database and CadClick opens up completely new possibilities of data preparation and provision. Through the permanent exchange between the systems, we can ensure that all data is always up to date, everywhere.
Robert Einbock
Marketing Manager, BIM, Database Publishing, CREATON GmbH
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14 May 2020
Four months after the start, MAX FRANK creates the first automated price list with crossbase

We wanted to come to a result quickly and prepared the introduction well. In cooperation with crossbase, we specified our expectations, implemented the solution and thus reached the desired goal on schedule.
Julia Multhammer
Marketingreferent | Marketing Professional, Max Frank GmbH und Co. KG
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4 May 2020
GAEB interface for the online platform at Schöck Bauteile GmbH

The crossbase solution enables us to provide all information on automatically and thus to keep it up-to-date with a minimum of effort.
Bernhard Maier
Technical Editor, Schöck Bauteile GmbH
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27 Apr 2020
Meffert AG produces technical leaflets with crossbase

Thanks to an extensive data interface to our ERP system InforLN, a high degree of automation was achieved in the creation of technical data sheets. The use of the crossbase solution leads to noticeable time and cost reductions.
Raphael Hoppenthaler
IT Coordinator / Administrator, Meffert AG Farbwerke
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19 Mar 2020
Congree and crossbase enter into partnership

Congree and crossbase herald their partnership with a new integration. Users of the PIM, MAM, CMS and cross-media solution by crossbase can directly access Congree's authoring support when writing texts.
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27 Jan 2020
Meusburger creates a catalog of 1,038-pages with crossbase

The automated production of the catalog saves a lot of time. This concerns above all the creation and placement of the extensive tables and the variable handling of the language mixer.
Klaus Nußbaumer
B. Sc. product communication, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG
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8 Jan 2020
Schmidt's customer catalog created with crossbase for the first time

We were able to successfully merge our two existing systems into crossbase. With this modern tool we can deliver media-compatible output for all channels and are ready for future requirements.
Kurt Wohlgenannt
CIO, Head of IT and Logistics, Authorized Signatory, Schmidt’s Handelsgesellschaft mbH
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25 Nov 2019
RAFI eCatalog now also available in Chinese

With the flexible translation tools by crossbase, the translation requirements for the eCatalog can be determined exactly and the texts are exported in the desired format. The translated texts can be imported with just a few mouse clicks and immediately checked internally in the eCatalog.
Moritz Futterer
Product Manager, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
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