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14 May 2024
AI-based image creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of everyday working life. It speeds up text generation and translation, for example, or takes over these tasks completely. Generative AI in particular offers a wide range of tools that generate photorealistic results with simple instructions, without you having to spend hours editing images. Find out what possibilities crossbase offers and how you can efficiently save time and money.
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4 Nov 2023
TOP Service Award 2024

crossbase impresses with excellent customer service in terms of availability, friendliness, response time and handling customer feedback. This earned the company the "Top Service" award with the grade "very good" from the German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing (DIQP).
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26 Oct 2023
Interaction between product information management, configuration and 3D visualization

The configuration of products is an essential part of the customer journey in many industries. This is not without reason, as customers appreciate being able to configure customizable products on their own screen and view the results in a realistic way. Find out here how the collaboration between the partners crossbase, KiM and Plan Software turns this "journey" into an experience.
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14 Sep 2023

As a supplier of building products for thermal and acoustic insulation, AUSSCHREIBEN.DE is an important online platform for Schöck Bauteile GmbH. It is important to provide product information reliably, with as little effort as possible and in an optimal form. You can read how Schöck does this in this best practice report.
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22 Dec 2022
New crossbase module: Data Hub and Process Monitor

Especially for IT administrators: the new crossbase basic module "Data Hub and Process Monitor". It is used to control data transfers and batch programs and can be configured according to one’s own needs. A good overview is provided by the cockpit interface, on which the log information is displayed visually.
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18 Oct 2022
Successful implementation of crossbase's PIM and cross-media solution at FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH

FLEX power tools stand for quality, precision and professionalism. We are very pleased that the crossbase solution meets the high expectations of the company. Within a very short time, FLEX implemented the PIM solution and is already using it for its online store, price lists and data sheets.
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14 Sep 2022
crossbase Cloud Services

Whether typically in the data center or flexibly and scalably in the cloud environment: the crossbase solution can be custom fit entirely according based on customer requirements.
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22 Jul 2022
AI in the crossbase translation process

The crossbase software solution guarantees an optimal translation process. Following the established use of DeepL, the integration with Microsoft Translator is now possible as well; while glossaries guarantee the correct translation of technical terms.
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24 May 2022
crossbase Business Process Modeling (BPM)

The new BPM module provides crossbase users with the perfect overview starting with version 508! The graphical representation of the workflow provides the status quo at a glance.
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31 Mar 2022
ETIM Modeling Classes for BIM

ETIM has extended the classification standard by the so-called "Modeling Classes" (MC). These offer many advantages. Find out what ETIM MC is and what benefits they offer here.
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