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In many areas of the company, images and graphics from marketing are used - for example for offers, data sheets and presentations. The direct Office connection (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) ensures the provision of current marketing content with powerful search mechanisms and easy operation. This reliably supports compliance with the corporate design and corporate wording.

Generate data sheets at the push of a button

With the data sheet module, templates for data sheets or technical documentation can be flexibly configured and automatically generated as Word documents including a table of contents. A document template with headings is defined for configuration. Each heading can contain different content such as a heading or product-related data or images.
To generate a data sheet, the user selects a product and the specified headings. The desired data sheet is then generated in Microsoft DOCX format with a mouse click. Formatting is done automatically using paragraph and character formats from a Word template. By using page and table layouts, even sophisticated layout variants are possible.
The contents can be subsequently adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Automatically update PowerPoint slides

Images and texts can be replaced on slides fully automatically. For this purpose, the presentation is placed in a hotfolder and after a short time the updated presentation is ready.

Search, select, insert

The search options in the crossbase database include an optimized search index, at least one navigation tree as well as a full-text, category and keyword search. The search index includes the contents of product texts, image captions, etc. For selected products in the hit list, their product information is clearly displayed.
Images and texts can be inserted into Word, PowerPoint or InDesign in the quality required for the specific media and language. Product features, accessories and spare parts are displayed in tabular form. Media files can be downloaded or sent as a ZIP archive by e-mail.

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