Data hub and process monitor

Control and monitoring of data transfers and batch programs

The configurable data hub can be used to control data transfers and batch programs. The log information is visually displayed on a cockpit interface. This makes it the ideal general-purpose tool for IT administrators.

Windows service and configuration of the data hub

The data hub is set up as a Windows service. Different jobs can be defined with the help of an XML configuration file. These in turn consist of individual tasks.
In the configuration file, server names with the corresponding IP addresses are declared in advance. In addition, there are presets for the connection to the crossbase database, to WinSCP, to ZIP, to SMTP and for logging parameters.


How it works

The data hub controls data transfers between the crossbase database and other systems such as web systems, Docker and data backups.
Different protocols are supported, for example SCP (Secure Copy), SSH (Secure Shell), SMB (Server Message Block) and REST APIs.


For each job to be executed, triggers are defined which start it. These can be, for example, a time, file, WinSCP or directory trigger. Other jobs can also act as triggers. It is also possible to define conditions and send notifications in case of errors.


Here you can choose from a selection of over 20 parameterizable functions.
Excerpt of possible functions:
CopyFile, CopyDirectory, Move, CreateFile, DirectoryWatcher, CheckDiskSpace, DatabaseDump, EmailNotification, ExecuteBatchFile, ExportMediafiles, ExecuteSql, ExecuteSSH, WinSCP, WinSCPSync, ImportMediafiles, SevenZip, Unzip, WebRequest, AmazonS3Upload, AzureBlobUpload, ServiceControl.


Possible applications

  • Parameterized start of batch programs
    Many crossbase applications can be started through batch calls by means of parameters, e.g. translation management, text generation, data imports and data exports.
  • Integration of jobs for data backup and database testing
    e.g. the disk space
  • Connection to cloud systems
    e.g. Azure, AWS, and other S3-compatible storage solutions 
Since the application works in the background, log information is systematically gathered. In the event of an error, e-mail notifications may be sent. 

Interface of crossbase.cockpit

Monitoring with the help of the cockpit

The cockpit is a visual interface. It provides a good overview and allows IT administrators to review results from logs over selected time periods.  

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