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Who we are and what we do

Hello, my name is Thomas Kern and I have three children of my own. Sometimes we are asked by students what we actually do - e.g. if a parent or friends works for us or they would like to do an internship with us, or they simply came across us by chance.

This page is intended for such students. We would like to explain to you what we do. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time via E-mail. I'd like to talk to you about it. There is nothing to stop you from visiting us - we are pleased about your interest in our work.


The name crossbase

Our name "crossbase" is derived from English, since crossbase should become an international company from the very beginning. Based on our product, we have merged the two English words "cross" and "base" for our name.

The first word stands for "linked" and the second for "data base". So our full company name "crossbase mediasolution" is "database-linked media solution".


The most important media for our customers are online shops, sales portals, catalogs and brochures. With our database system we simplify the administration and maintenance of the product information needed there. In particular, companies that offer many different products save a lot of time in the maintenance and organization of product information as well as in the creation of these media.


All information in one place

The focus of our software is a large database. As the name suggests, a database is a place where a lot of data is stored. For our customers, this database usually contains order numbers, pictures, description texts and other information on products, which can then be easily read and transferred to the catalogs.

Without such a central database, each website and catalog would have to be revised individually and by hand - a much greater effort. We help companies to work faster, earn more and employ more people. In this way we contribute our own little part to making people enjoy doing their job and are happier at the same time.

Our customers


Who works with crossbase?

Four professional groups in particular work with our programs for our customers:

  • Product Manager
  • Editors
  • Media designers
  • Translator

Everybody is working on explaining the product better and better and presenting it more beautifully - so that it is sold worldwide as often as possible.


How we support other companies

We support our customers in their daily work: on the one hand with our database system, on the other hand with support by telephone or directly on site. Because only a correctly used software can fully simplify work processes and enable the work to be completed as quickly as possible.

What you can learn from us

If you do an internship with us, you will learn, among other things, how to get a picture from your digital camera into the database to be displayed in an online shop. Or how it appears on a paper catalog page. This is not as complicated as it sounds - our employees are experts in this field and are happy to pass on their knowledge to interested persons.

Now that you have read all this, I wish you to continue to be so curious ...

Your Thomas

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