Mobile applications

Catalog and media apps to support sales presentations

Mobile devices are well established in the sales dialog. All files, catalogs, media and documents can be accessed digitally on the mobile device and thus be carried along without taking up space or adding weight. crossbase offers an interface to mobile applications with the powerful REST API. Alternatively, individual online catalogs and media service portals can be implemented with crossbase's CMS, which can be flexibly displayed on smartphone, tablet or notebook (Responsive Layout).

Facet Search

The user has an overview of all selected filters in the configurator and can deactivate them individually. The result is arranged in tiles. For a better view of the elements, the filter bar can be shown or hidden. It is also possible to specify the number of elements displayed per page.

Detail display

A variety of product information is displayed for the products. These include tabulated technical data, drawings, product descriptions, an integrated 3D viewer, downloads with instructions, CAD/STEP files, product videos embedded via YouTube and product relationships such as optional accessories.

Account Management

After logging in, registered users have access to further functions such as "Save selection". These authorizations are assigned on a user group-specific basis. The functions make it possible to save selections permanently or to provide the download link to another person by e-mail.

Product finder

In the Tools section you will find various wizards with which products can be found quickly and easily. The basis for this is the dynamic search bar structure integrated in the crossbase database. The filters can be changed flexibly without programming. This dynamic plays out its advantages especially when new items are added to the assortment.

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