API server

Provide data for third-party systems via REST services

The crossbase API Server (Application Programming Interface) offers a flexible way to access data in the crossbase database in third-party systems. These accesses remain independent of changes to the underlying data model. Via the interface, experienced software developers can effortlessly write a program or read the data in the crossbase database.

REST interface

The API server provides a REST interface that can be used by third-party applications. The result is transmitted in JSON format. The REST services are configured on a customer-specific basis according to requirements and can be flexibly extended.


An optimal integration into an existing system system infrastructure takes place based on customer-specific requirements for security, accessibility and performance.

Reverse proxy scenario:

Incoming requests are accepted by a reverse proxy, filtered and forwarded to the API server.

Failover / load balancing scenario

Both the database server and the API server can be designed redundantly. In case of failure or high loads, the accesses are automatically redirected or distributed.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

At crossbase, the CDN takes over the provision of images, documents and videos on corresponding cloud servers. The files can be easily and quickly retrieved from the various applications. A time limit on the validity can also be defined. The interface conforms to the S3 storage specification from AWS.

Data query

All existing data from the crossbase database can be queried. With customer-specific configurable services, queries are tailored precisely to the requirements of third-party systems.


Advantages compared to the XML interface

At any time, third-party systems can access the database directly via the API server.

The data objects are configured to the customer's specific use case, so that the development costs for integrating the data into the third-party system are minimized. The API server can be used for different application purposes and multiple third-party systems.

With the API server, all data in the database can be queried and evaluated independently by developers.

Access to the API can be restricted using authentication tokens.

Data transfer is done either via HTTP or HTTPS.

Error handling:
API services can be checked more easily and immediately because access is direct and the amount of data is more manageable. 

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