We wanted to come to a result quickly and prepared the introduction well. In cooperation with crossbase, we specified our expectations, implemented the solution and thus reached the desired goal on schedule.

Julia Multhammer
Marketing Officer | Marketing Professional, Max Frank GmbH und Co. KG


With crossbase, we can manage our marketing content centrally and share it with our partners. This creates an active exchange that helps us to maintain our CD across national borders and to further develop it together.

Sabrina Haas
Marketing services, CREATON GmbH


For us, crossbase is the central data hub for marketing and e-commerce. The product information from crossbase flows into our website with store and into our media service portal. We also use it in our printed catalogs for all countries and languages.

Reinhard Sutterlüty
Communication / Online media, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Marketing requirements

Creative design and automated production of print and online media


Graphic designers

You want a practical solution for maintaining, editing and converting images, videos and documents. You also want to give internal employees and business partners access to these media files using the appropriate authorizations.

Your advantages with crossbase


Media designers

You expect support to minimize manual tasks such as creating, correcting and updating multilingual catalogs, price lists or brochures. However, creative work with Adobe InDesign should also be possible.

Your advantages with crossbase


Web Content Manager

You want flexibly and easily design and maintain your multilingual online media for product and corporate communication. For this purpose you expect appropriate tools as well as interfaces to third party systems and external hosting partners.

Your advantages with crossbase



As an external service provider, you will be integrated into the workflow to support layout design, media production and image processing. You expect an efficient workflow and tools to ensure compliance with the defined corporate design.

Your advantages with crossbase

What crossbase offers you

Fully integrated Media Asset Management

Media files such as photos, graphics, videos and documents are simply imported by drag&drop and automatically converted. Subsequently these can be assigned to products, documents or folders. Comprehensive version management ensures that all media are up-to-date and consistent

Share images, videos and documents online

Internal and external users can use the web browser to filter and select media assets according to their authorization. These can be downloaded directly or collected via a watch list language- and format-specifically. A download link to a ZIP file can also be sent.

Fully integrated InDesign print engine with visualization of corrections

crossbase offers a visual layout and table editor that does not require any scripting. Changes to the content of a produced page are immediately visible to allow easy updating. To create artwork pages, InDesign allows content to be freely placed, automatically updated, and produced in foreign languages.

Fully integrated CMS for online catalog and media service

The CMS offers a flexible creation of templates. Any responsive layout can be implemented and JavaScript libraries can be used. Dynamic functions can be extended and adjusted customer-specifically. Editors have direct access to all data from PIM and MAM and to translation management.

Provision of data for third-party systems such as shops, Sharepoint or Typo3

External applications access the crossbase database directly via the API server and receive any information from the PIM system in the appropriate form. A crossbase plug-in is available for Typo3.

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