Sales Information Service

Company-wide provision of product information

The Sales Information Service provides web-based, read-only access to product information and media within the company. Authorized users can employ it in order to view and use current images, documents, texts, translations and other product information.

Brief overview and product preview

The visual preview helps the user to get complete information about the product: The brief overview is included in the standard version. Different layouts can be defined for the product preview and later selected during production. The generated preview can then be downloaded as a PDF.

Excel export

Items can be selected and their product features automatically exported to Excel files: You can choose between different Excel export templates. The selectable Excel templates can be predefined column by column using the Excel configurator (data export e-catalogs).

Clipboard, memory list and download

The image files, documents and texts can be downloaded in various formats and languages. To achieve this, they are added to the collection. The download takes place as a ZIP file. Sending a download link is also possible. In addition, elements can be pasted directly from the clipboard into other applications.

The collection is used to select how the media items are to be used. Depending on the intended use, the appropriate format is selected, e.g. the high-resolution TIFF file (CMYK) for InDesign or a PNG file for the Internet.

For texts, you can select whether to keep or remove the formatting.


The web application server is required to use the Sales Information Service. In addition, SSL must be set up for secure data transfer to the clipboard. The new functions are seamlessly integrated into the existing web interface so that a dark mode can also be set as usual. In addition to the interface languages German, English and French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are now also available. A timeout function can also be activated.

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