Online translation

Perform translations and corrections online – with TMS and AI

With browser-based online translation, translators and correctors in the country offices have access to translation or correction jobs. Control is provided by the translation manager. The translator can view the progress at any time, assign orders accordingly and inform the translators.

Translation management

The translation manager creates a translation job for a publication, for example. The translators are then informed that a new order is ready.

Integrated DeepL function

The fully integrated DeepL function can be used for machine pre-translation. Currently 11 languages are supported: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.


Via the web interface, missing translations can be added step by step or pre-translated using DeepL. Subsequently, the translations are saved in the crossbase database and the progress is displayed graphically. Proofreaders can maintain translation status and adjust translations as needed. The checked translations are then released. 

Web client

The web client accompanies the user during the translation process.
In the job selection, all translation and correction jobs are displayed in tabular form with a progress indicator. Translators and proofreaders can access the jobs according to their authorizations. All texts with missing or not up-to-date translation, are displayed in an overview. Using a WYSIWYG editor, the texts can be edited directly from the overview table. For texts from publications created with crossbase, the layout context can be provided. This shows how the text is displayed in the layout. Foreign language layouts can be checked in a preview.

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