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Provide images, videos and documents online at the push of a button

Media portal, media library, self-service, download area – the names are many. Basically, it's about employees, national companies or partners wanting to easily find and use up-to-date photos, graphics, videos and documents for marketing the products. This is possible with the fully integrated MAM and media service: media files can be made available to authorized users via a convenient web interface.

Media search, display and download

The search for media files can be done in different ways: via a full text search with auto-completion, via keywords or via an individual media directory structure. The elements found are displayed in a tile or space-saving list view. Videos can be played directly or via the integration of portals such as YouTube. Media files can be viewed in all available formats and downloaded individually. Alternatively, the files are collected in a watch list and downloaded as a packed ZIP file or a link to the ZIP file is sent.

Country- and rights-based provision of media files

Registered users are assigned access rights. These are evaluated at login, so that access to media files can be precisely controlled via user profiles. This allows employees, trade partners and agencies full access to print and source files in original resolution, while end customers, for example, are given limited access for Internet and Office output.

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