Implementation of crossbase projects

With crossbase you can rely on a well thought-out concept and practical consulting

With the crossbase software solution, the processes of your corporate and product communication can be completely redesigned. This includes, for example, how printed sales documents are created in your company or how content is provided for websites, online media and e-commerce. However, experience has shown that plans for changes to existing processes often meet with scepticism - even if the advantages and benefits are clearly discernible.

It is not uncommon for doubts to predominate as to whether the new designs in practice deliver what they promise. Even the best PIM, CMS and cross-media project is only as good as its implementation. Therefore, crossbase attaches particular importance to a methodical and at the same time practical realization.

In an independent comparison of five providers, crossbase was rated as a leader in the field of services. You rely on a medium-sized company that is large enough for demanding projects and flexible enough for solutions that can be implemented quickly.

The crossbase project approach


Implementation and Installation

crossbase fits seamlessly into your IT environment. Due to the modular structure of the software, you have the possibility to implement projects with high priority at first, such as the integration of the ERP system and the automated multilingual production of print publications, or a fully integrated CMS for the website and as a platform for all online media. Further tasks will be implemented step by step, following your needs. Tasks can also be taken over by your professionals, on your own initiative.

Software maintenance

The software is continuously improved in close dialog with our customers. The service contract includes free updates, which are installed regularly. These updates include the integration of new functions, the improvement of operation, the optimization of performance as well as the correction of software errors.

Software development

crossbase sees itself as a provider of standard software. There are uniform software modules, which are continuously refined. This ensures that customers benefit quickly from the innovations. For crossbase, however, standard software and individual solution concepts are not opposites.

In some cases it is better to supplement the software modules with specific adaptations or to develop customer-specific modules in order to optimally meet important requirements. Our consultants design a solution that is technically and organizationally tailored to your needs.

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