Our requirements for the PIM system were complex. It must be possible to map the management of approvals for the individual devices for each region at any time. With crossbase, we found a partner who understood these special requirements and implemented them accordingly.

Dirk Amann
CTO – Managing Director, MOBILE GmbH


Professional requirements workshops, fast implementation and development performance as well as personal support. What more do you need?

Moritz Futterer
Product Manager, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG


With crossbase and Adobe Illustrator we have succeeded in automatically preparing the drawings for our multilingual technical documentation.

Heinrich Gutmann
Group Leader Media Design, Schöck Bauteile GmbH

Product data maintenance requirements

Flexible adaptability of the database to changing operational requirements


Data Manager

You expect an easily adaptable, flexible data model for structures and correlations, image and text categories, attributes and rights management. Data should be easily imported from different sources, processed on a massive scale and the data quality graphically displayed.

Your advantages with crossbase


Product Manager

You need comfortable and simple data maintenance for your product area as well as individually configurable workflow and release functions. A central function here is the comparative tabular editing of features, images and texts.

Your advantages with crossbase


Technical Editor

You are looking for assistance in managing your editorial content. The output of sophisticated technical documents should be traceable at all times in order to be able to reliably meet warranty obligations.

Your advantages with crossbase

What crossbase offers you

Flexibly adaptable product data model

The data model is configured customer-specifically according to individual requirement profile. In the process, sophisticated interrelationships, classifications, variant and configuration models can also be mapped. Administrators can also adapt the configuration to changing business requirements at any time.

Comfortable data maintenance with modern web interface

The web interface is used to maintain and localize data for PIM and MAM with workflow support. The existing data can be conveniently visually checked with an HTML or PDF product preview. The progress of data maintenance is clearly displayed in diagrams in a dashboard.

Easily import data from suppliers

The data import tool imports product data, images and texts in formats such as Excel and BMEcat directly into the PIM system. The mapping to the fields is done via a graphical user interface and can be saved for regular imports.

Create texts uniformly and efficiently

Formatted texts are captured media-neutrally with a convenient text editor. Text modules can be stored in granular form, translated once and reused as often as required. Using templates and placeholders, texts and attributes can be dynamically combined in all languages.

Automation of graphics and drawings with Illustrator

Multilingual texts or product features can be placed in Illustrator templates and then converted to other formats. This allows product-specific graphics or drawings to be generated automatically and error-free for any languages and output channels.

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