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Media asset management

Media-independent management of photographic material and use in optimal quality

Not only photos, graphics and symbols are collected and categorized independently of media in the integrated Media Asset Management (MAM), but also documents, videos and CAD drawings. The crossbase graphics and video converter (or Adobe Photoshop) automatically generates media-appropriate output formats, e.g. for printing, Internet publishing or Office from an original format. The video converter can be used to generate all common video formats and to edit video sequences.

Media Asset Management (MAM)

Similar media files are combined in a media- and language-neutral media element. They can then be broken down into market-specific countries, industries and target groups. The media files within the media element can have different output formats, languages, and versions.

Import and graphic converter

During the import process, further output formats are automatically generated from a source format using format templates. Thus the formats TIF, PNG or JPG can be generated from PSD, AI or EPS files. You can use the standard graphics converter of crossbase or Adobe Photoshop.


With the MAM, any media files can be managed and grouped into media elements. During import, the generated media elements are provided with a category (e.g. product photo, assembly graphic, company video, approval document, etc.). Meta data can then be maintained (e.g. image rights, keywords and textual descriptions). In addition, media elements can be marked market-specific in order to create country-, industry- or target-group-specific publications.

Graphic productional and barcodes with Photoshop / Illustrator

Parameterized graphics can be automatically merged with texts and drawing dimensions using the Illustrator module for language-specific production of media files. Texts or product features are linked to the graphics and automatically placed on the appropriate language layer in the desired languages.

Face and object recognition

By means of AI cloud services from Azure and Google, which are directly connected via an API interface, faces and objects can be recognized. In face recognition, already assigned person names can be reidentified and also searched for. In object recognition, keywords (in English) are automatically assigned.

MAM interface

Existing image databases, PDM, MAM and DAM systems can be connected via the MAM standard interface of crossbase. When importing into the crossbase database, the graphics converter can be used to generate derivatives. During export, a time-control check is performed to determine which files are new in the system and need to be transferred.

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