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CMS / Website

A fully integrated CMS for the website and as a platform for all online media

The CMS (Content Management System) can be used as a basic platform for all online modules. The website, the online catalog with product finder and shop functions as well as the media service are implemented with individual templates and layouts. Marketing experts can use the CMS to maintain the website without HTML knowledge.

Fully integrated CMS for all online media

The crossbase CMS is fully integrated into the crossbase database so that all data such as product information, texts, translations, images and videos are available. This creates the highest possible synergies in data maintenance. The CMS serves as a platform for all online modules, so that the website, the online catalog with shop functions and the media service can be implemented uniformly.

Dynamic content output

Modules for news, press and contact forms as well as media management for documents, images and videos enable dynamic output of content. In addition, the CMS can be extended by individual function outputs.

Detailed and clear structuring

Due to the flexibility of the CMS, search engine optimized architectures and low barrier structures can be implemented according to your specifications. The content structuring of the website can be flexibly set up through project management, rights control as well as language and country approvals.

Easy maintenance in the page editor

Textual and pictorial content is easily maintained with the page editor. Frequently used texts or text-image constellations are stored as templates and easily extended using dynamic placeholders. Interactive elements such as sliders, registers and details are also easily created and maintained using preconfigured templates.

Individual templates and easy content maintenance

With the CMS, customer-specific templates can be created and content can be conveniently maintained. The layouts can be created by an agency and implemented in the CMS without restrictions, as well as subsequently adapted. Content on pages is edited with a WYSIWYG editor and pages are linked to the navigation structure.

Flexible display with Responsive Layout

Device-neutral templates are defined for the output. Content and areas are formatted with output-specific stylesheets. This permits differentiated and optimal display on desktops, smartphones and tablets with different resolutions and screen sizes.

Multidomain, multi-project capability and country variants

This option allows the CMS to be used for any number of domains, web projects and microsites. It is also possible to create country-specific content in order to conveniently maintain divergent content.

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